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B'nei Mitzvah

Taking the step from childhood to adulthood

The path to adulthood is full of twists and turns, from celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah to leaving home for the first time, the journey fraught with new freedom, new responsibilities and an abundance of complex emotions for both the ‘child’ and the parent.

At Etz Chayim, we offer blessings, prayers and rituals to help parents and children use a Jewish vocabulary to describe this journey and to experience it as richly as possible.

There are so many b’nei mitzvah programs available in Melbourne, how do you know that our Etz Chayim program would be the right one for your child and family? We encourage you to make an informed choice.

After School Program

Engaging our future.

Beit Sefer Chayim, our new after-school program, is a collaboration between Etz Chayim and Temple Beth Israel, providing foundational Jewish learning and community experiences for students enrolled in Prep-Grade 5. 

Designed to offer flexibility, students from across Melbourne can attend the class at St Kilda. Students from Bentleigh travel to and from St Kilda together by bus helping to foster friendships. 

adult education

Adult Education

Expanding knowledge

Etz Chayim regularly holds a number of Adult Education activities through the month. These include a discussion and debate group, monthly book reading club, Adult Learning Sessions on specific topics such as our current series on Confronting Death and Havdalah groups.

We also conduct Introduction to Judaism courses which covers Jewish history, literature and customs

Please look through our Upcoming Events and our Calendar for specific items.

Choosing Judaism

Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live.
Your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God.
- Book of Ruth 1:16

Etz Chayim offers an Introduction to Judaism program developed to effectively combine individual learning, guided and supervised by Rabbi Allison, and monthly opportunities of experiential group learning.

The pace of the program is determined by the individual’s availability, prior learning and identified goals for Jewish learning.

Learning with others to create a shared experience and safe space to ask questions of others in similar or different situations is important and so, we will join with others in the Progressive Jewish community in a series of excursions and incursions.

For more information, please contact our office.

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