About Us

Our Vision החזון שלנו

Inclusive, vibrant and evolving

Etz Chayim is a warm and friendly community that nurtures spirituality, learning and Jewish continuity. We believe in, and foster, an ever-developing progressive evolution of Judaism as a way of life. We reach beyond the walls of our synagogue to learn, worship, support, and serve to continually redefine what it means to be Jewish today.

Our Mission

Whole life experiences

We provide a whole life experience including life cycles, festivals and social engagement. Our safe and welcoming space supports the development and expression of your individual relationship with Judaism.

Our Values

Cultivating and connecting people

Social Justice
Tikkun Olam

Caring for & building a better World

Empathy and

Care & Consideration for fellow members and the community


Honouring each other’s views & backgrounds


Living and honest &
ethical life

Community – Minded

Active engagement with the broader community


Understanding &
accepting ourdifferences

At the heart of Judaism are three beliefs about leadership: We are free, we are responsible and together we can change the world

- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Our Team הקבוצה/נבחרת שלנו

Together we unite our community

Etz Chayim would not be 'a wonderful place to be Jewish' without the help of our volunteers, all of whom play a vital role, whether focusing on youth or seniors, fun or finances, learning or playing, with all committees welcoming new members and new ideas.

Please consider joining one of our committees and taking on a more active role within our congregational family.